Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Bionical, a superhero tail

Just because I'm BIONICAL, a superhero doesn't mean that every good deed I do has to involve putting bad crazy gangsters behind bars.

A few weeks ago I received an email from a man named Rahid Safir. Rahid lives in Africa and seen the historical past of his country, he's been through hell. His father was the CEO of a diamond mine in Sierra-Leone, but was killed over a year ago. Then Rahid's wife was murdered, along with his two children, Liana, age 7 and Botowa, age 9. Rahid wants to get out of his country fast, very fast. But first he needs a place to temporarily store the 45 million dollars his father left him as inheritance from the diamond mine.

Because I'm Bionical, a superhero and because I have a reputation for being trustworthy, lots of people reach out to me. But not many stories touch me the way that Rahid's has. He's a good man, a man with character and conviction, a person who has suffered more than his share of bad luck. He and I have been exchanging emails the last few weeks, and I'm very happy to tell you that we've established a friendship that I think will continue to grow once he reaches Belgium. I'm sure it gives him a warm fuzzy feeling to know that he's in communication with a superhero.

I can't do much for Rahid until he gets out of his country, but for now, I've given him my bank account number so he can deposit his money safely in my Belgian bank account. Once he gets to Belgium, he and I will probably become even better friends.

Rahid, if you're reading this, I look forward to meet you in person. The first beer's on me.

Friday, September 17, 2004


Most of the kids don't know how they got on this planet.
I won't be surprised some of them think they got downloaded from the internet.
For that reason I want to send a message out to all te parents on sexual education for kids anno 2004.

"Daddy? Can you tell me how I was created?"

"Ok, it had to come one day, why not today.. let me tell you, listen very closely!"

Daddy met your mommy in a cyberbar, it was love at first site.
Daddy went to the restroom with mommy and made a connection with her.
Mommy did some downloads from daddy's memorystick. When daddy was finished with uploading, we realized we forgot to put on a firewall. As it was to late to cancel, abort or delete we found out we had a virus which was activated after 9 months !!!

Once they get older you can start talking about neighbours watching mommy, spyware.
Or the milkman who hacked mommy, backdoor attacks, etc...

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Fridge Project

A nice to see project I just bumped into is the Fridge Project.
It is nothing more then a collection of fridge pics.
But each picture tells you so much about the owner, have a look by clicking on the title of this post.


Do you know the average weight of a human brain?
The human brain is much more sofisticater then any computer on this globe and it is a natural product of hundredthousend years of evolution. We can extend the capbailities of the human think-tank by exploring new horizons and gaining more knowledge. Brainpower is measured in IQ allthough some humans on this planet seem to have their brainpower measured in Hp, as in Horse power. Never had that moment you are thinking of a name but just can't get it? You keep thinking for hours and hours... just not getting the name you are looking for...and then suddenly the moment you least expect it just pops in !!! Murasan !!! That's it !!! That's the NBA player we were looking for on a snowy evening. Now we can go to sleep with a satisfied feeling or should I say mind. Ever wondered how many song text, lyrics, or just parts of it you now by hart? Start counting and keep track for a whole week... Listen some radio while driving to work...Watch MTV in the evening...keep counting... you will be amazed how much your brain can remember !!! Ever tried vizual mind games? I've got one for you... try to read this very fast :

Tahnk you for rdaenig tihs txet whit mexid up cahrcatres

Could you read it? If not try to wright a letter in your native language but keep the first and the last character of each word on the correct place, all other character can be mixed. Still doesn't work ? Ok, advise? Never measure your IQ
Oh before I forget, the average weight of a human brain is 1,36Kg

Monday, September 13, 2004

Consultancy "It's a small world"

Welcome to Bionical blog, its my first blog which I will keep up to date and linked to my personal website.
As a starter I'm going back a year or two, the days that I still was a cosultant. During my consultancy periode I've met a lot of intresting people. Some of them shared the same intrests, which brought us closer together. Some I had even mutual friends with, and then we all say to eachother: "It's a small world". Well I don't know if the world is so small, I've not even seen 5% of the entire world. You must now I've travelled to most of the European countries and across the USA but still I've seen so few of the world. I must admit that on most of my trips I allways bump into someone I know, and then we all say to eachother: "It's a small world". But I'm coming back to the fact that I've met intresting people, one of these people is Franck Joachim.
Franck is a skate guy, old skool. Skating is the love we both had, still have... but I moved away from the job and lost contact with him. That's what I hate about consultancy, it doesn't bring long term friendship. I'm sure that one day I'll bump in to Franck again and that we will say "It's a small world" but we'll talk about skating and we even might shedule a downtown Brussels skate session...
Frank!!! I still have your Hawk book !!!